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This section of the website is dedicated to about e-zines that have been written specifically for our industry, you may find these articles interesting and helpful, if using any of the information from these e-zines then please aknowledge the author.

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Trainee Line Mechanics ~ Selecting the best

Selecting the best, training

For many years operation managers have had CV after CV come across their desk of young men and woman wanting to join our industry as trainee linemen. These CV’s usually sit there until the next intake and are then briefly perused and a handful of candidates are selected based on how well they, their mother, brother or girlfriend have put the CV together.

Run an advert in a paper or on a website like and how many applications do you receive, often up to 100 or so, how do you select who get interviewed and who doesn’t?


Rubber Goods and the care of these

Rubber goods and care of these Download PDF file


Wichita Lineman ~ Source ENA





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