Overcoming the mind in sport and life!

First up let me say, and those that know me will vouch for this.
I am certainly not a tree hugging sandal wearing hippie!
However, I do believe in the power of the mind, I was having a conversation with a fellow athlete today about endurance events and how much getting in the right mindset plays a part to any preparation, this can be said for almost everything we do in life.
Ever had those moments when you have something important to undertake and ole negative Nelly is banging away upstairs thinking and saying all the things that could go wrong, and they usually do! Negative thoughts = negative outcome.
Taking five minutes to put yourself in the right frame of mind before that presentation, run, swim or event can make a huge difference to the outcome, positive thoughts = positive outcome.

Using self hypnosis is a powerful tool that doesn’t take much to master and can be very effective, I’ve placed several links below to the two self hypnosis tracks I listen to.
Positive thoughts + Positive attitude +  Powerful mind = an unstoppable you

This image of a weekend course I attended about 20 years ago where you put yourself   in to a state of hypnosis and your then  lifted and placed between these two ladders.

Links to self hypnosis tracks I use:
(These work for me and are about 15 years old, there are possibly others out there that are better)

Be the person you want to be – A 20 min track where you need a quiet uninterrupted place

Simply the best – A 10 min track that can be listened to anywhere anytime
( I listen to this whilst I’m driving about once every month)

If you have any tracks, books or other self help media to share I’d like to hear about it, leave a comment below.

Dumb F*&K

Meet Dumb F*&K the sheep! (long gone but fondly remembered)
When you have tame sheep they all have very different personalities, some like nothing more than a scratch, others like to lean.
One of our more memorable sheep was Dumb F*&K, she loved nothing more that putting her head through things, and sometimes getting it stuck in the process.
Many times did we rescue her from a fence, however the funniest occurrence happened with Sam’s naughty chair.
The naughty chair was placed in the middle of a large paddock and was Sam’s thinking place when he’d been naughty, the chair hadn’t been used for sometime and had fallen over with nice grass growing up between it and one day had disappeared from its position.
As we live rural and its not the sort of thing that would be stolen, so we counted that out, had been relatively calm so hadn’t blown away, however the mystery was solve when the sheep came to get an afternoon bucket of treats.
Meet Dumb F*&K

Why the change?

The original South Kaipara Weather website has had pretty much the same look and feel for the past 14 years, so its time for a change. I will try and keep some familiarity around the weather data so regular users can still navigate around and be comfortable with what they’re seeing.
I also wanted to start a blog to help inspire other 50+ year old’s to get active, I have a passion for keeping myself fit and healthy so that I can enjoy life – more about why I started this journey in future posts.
There will be regular updates about life on a lifestyle block and the fun and games this presents, each and everyone of our menagerie have a personality that makes us laugh (and cry) everyday. And, finally as the page name suggests otdrmn (outdoorman) blogs about the antics we get up to in the great outdoors of New Zealand