It was back in 2004 pre facebook days where we really only caught up as an industry at the annual lineman competition. You could also find a bit on the web from American lineman websites but there was nothing specific about New Zealand.
During the Christmas break of 2004 / 2005 I decided to investigate forum boards and see if I could establish a bulleting board type forum for Kiwi Lineys, so with a bit of Kiwi #8 wire and liney attitude I put together the first forum and got a few people on board to share photos and stories about liney life.

The focus of the website in 2005 was to ‘Uniting linemen and the Electricity Industry’ and this still stands true today.

It soon became apparent that I was better at building powerlines than websites so with a bit of cash I went to a local web developer and drafted up the first professional website, I decided at that time as we had the guys and gals from industry coming to the site why not advertise vacancies and see of anyone would be interested in throwing their logo’s on the site.

As Facebook became more popular the forum board died so we moved to also having a profile on the facebook platform and continue to run the website in the background, still advertising jobs and advertising lineman products.

For many years we sponsored the annual lineman competition donating prizes for various events.

15 years later we’ve given the website a refresh, still have our facebook presence, increased our presence and are still here for you.

Get on board and support our industry as without the support of your local lineman or cable jointer you wouldn’t have power.


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